“Sitka was nothing short of transformative for me as a cellist and a human being.” Hannah Moses, 2015 Seminar

“The Sitka Cello Seminar lights a fire behind the true meaning of music.” Brendon Phelps, 2014 & 2015 Seminar

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2016 Sitka Cello Seminar. Applications are currently being processed. Seminar participants will be announced shortly.

This unique 3-week immersion experience allows ample time for learning and reflection in the beautiful setting of Sitka Alaska. International performing artist Zuill Bailey and master teacher Melissa Kraut offer an incomparable dual approach to private lessons, master classes, audience engagement, and personal development. Student enrollment is limited to 10 participants, creating an unprecedented 5:1 ratio with these two acclaimed leaders.

“The Sitka Cello Seminar is a unique musical experience. Living, hanging out, talking, and playing with two extremely successful music professionals gives you a completely different perspective on what music is and why we should value it. Combine this with the beautiful setting of Sitka, Alaska and one is sure to have an unforgettable summer.” Joe Teeter, 2015 Seminar

Students and faculty reside and rehearse in Stevenson Hall, on the former campus of Sheldon Jackson College. Community engagement performances are scheduled in a variety of Sitka locations, including hospitals, shelters, and local restaurants. Meals are included with tuition, and include occasional class outings to Sitka homes for dinner and recreation.

“The Sitka cello seminar granted me the freedom to engage my best self. Between the mentorship of Dr. Kraut and Mr. Bailey, the kind-hearted community of Sitka, and the enormous, transcendent power of nature, the seminar was able to foster the ability for me to fulfill so many of my musical and human desires. I will forever cherish my memories from this beautiful place.” Jared Blajian, 2015 Seminar

The 2016 Seminar will begin on July 6 (students will travel to Sitka on July 5) and end with a final concert on July 24 (students travel on July 25). Tuition for 2016 will be $3,000, which includes meals and housing. Transportation for students and their cellos is not included; however, the Seminar may be able to provide a loaner cello for students who wish to avoid air travel with their personal cello.

Applicants submitted video recordings of themselves performing two contrasting works, with a total of about 20 minutes of music.